The Ultimate Guide to Spring Plant Care

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Plant Care

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Plant Care

Spring is here! Your plants have probably started to show off some beautiful brand-new foliage after months of rest.

After emerging from winter dormancy, indoor plants will benefit from some tender loving care. Remember, a little love will go a long way! Keep your houseplants looking happy and healthy with these expert tips.

Water more frequently

Your plants will appreciate additional hydration in Spring. Water will evaporate from the warmer temperatures, so it's ok to increase as it warms up.

For most indoor plants, it's best to keep the soil evenly moist during Spring and Summer. Start checking the soil weekly and water when it starts to feel dry. A good rule of thumb is to pop your finger in the soil an inch and go from there.

Dust off leaves

Dust is quickly accumulated on plants' leaves, so cleaning them regularly is essential. Dust blocks light from reaching the leaves and inhibits photosynthesis.

To clean, support the underside of the leaf with your palm and wipe over the surface with a soft, damp cloth. If you're short on time, give your plants a quick rinse in the shower with tepid water, ensuring the water pressure isn't too intense and not overwater plants. (Your cacti or succulents won't like this!)

While you're taking a good look at your plant, this is the opportune moment to check for any bugs. If you notice a pest outbreak, spray down your leaves with water and wipe them with neem oil to keep the little creepers away.

Repot plants that need it

If your plants show signs of outgrowing their pot, it could be time to give them a new home.

Repotting will stimulate new growth and give them plenty of room to expand. It's vital to repot the plants that need it. Otherwise, they could go into shock.

Signs to look out for:

- Roots coming out from the bottom of the pot
- The pot looks like it's about to burst
- Water runs right through the soil without soaking in
- The roots are growing in a circular pattern inside the pot

Start fertilizing again

To set up your plants for a successful growing season, you'll want to start adding plant food or fertilizer to your care routine. Spring is the beginning of their active growing season and will ensure they have all the nutrients they need to thrive!

Remember to start slowly as they are just waking up from their winter dormancy.


Removing dead growth will allow light in and give space to new leaves trying to emerge.

Cut off dead or dying leaves and branches, and prune off brown leaf tips and edges.