Plant Profile: Elephant's Ear

Plant Profile: Elephant's Ear

Plant Profile: Elephant's Ear

This dramatic and attractive plant is known for its huge and unique heart-shaped leaves. If you’re looking to add some tropical vibes to your garden, you can't go past this green beauty!

Overview & Care

Official Name:

Alocasia Calidora

Also known as:

Elephant's Ear, Persian Palm

Origins & climate:

East & Southeast Asia | Tropical & Subtropical


This plant craves lots of bright and indirect light. For it to grow well, avoid exposure to the two extremes: either placing in complete shade or under direct sunlight.

If growing your Elephant Ear inside, it’s best to place it in a north or southwest-facing window.


This lush plant is accustomed to a damp and humid tropical environment, thus prefers to stay fairly moist (but certainly not soggy).


This plant thrives in rich, good quality and well-draining, potting mix. Ensure your pot has good drainage and pour out excess water in drainage tray.