Got questions about Sluggs?

How are they different from regular The Balcony Garden pots?

Our Slugg range are sold in sets of three. We've designed them as ready made pot clusters that look amazing.

How many come in a set?

There are three pots in every Slugg set.

Are they cheaper?

Yes! Because Sluggs are sold as three pots in a box, the shipping is cheaper and they require less handling in our warehouse. Sluggs work out to be roughly 50% cheaper than purchasing the same pots individually.

Can I mix and max the colours?

No. Sluggs are pre-packaged so we are unable to mix and match colours or styles.

How much is shipping?

We provide free metro shipping.

Super fast delivery*

Actual slugs may be slow. But our super fast shipping network isn’t!

Good things come in threes

Sluggs® are sold as a set of three garden pots in a box.

Suitable for indoors & out

The entire Slugg® range is suitable for indoor and outside.

Built to last

Slugg® garden pots are waterproof, lightweight, and tougher than nails

Who is Slugg?