How Do I 'Pot Up' My Plants?

How Do I 'Pot Up' My Plants?

How Do I 'Pot Up' My Plants?

You've got the pots ready; now it's time to bring them to life! Planting in pots is a breeze with just a few essential items - the pot itself, your choice of plants, high-quality potting mix, reliable drainage materials, and our nourishing Liquid Plant Food or the innovative Slow-Release Garden Booster. 

To ensure your potted plants thrive, we've compiled some helpful hints and tips to make the process smooth and enjoyable.

Step 1: Optimal Drainage for Healthy Roots

Begin by placing a single layer of drainage screen directly over the pot's drain hole. This simple step keeps larger soil particles in check, allowing only smaller, finer particles to pass through. Avoid using filter geo fabric, silt mesh, or weed mat, as they can lead to waterlogged soil and spell disaster for your precious plants.

Step 2: Elevate with Style and Function

Select the perfect spot for your pots and elevate them with up to four pot feet. These nifty accessories provide ample space for water to drain freely out of the pot, promoting healthy root growth. Say goodbye to unsightly "ring" marks on the ground and hello to beautifully elevated pots

Step 3: Potting Mix Magic

Cover the drainage screen with a premium potting mix and fill the pot to your desired level. Gently compact each layer to create a stable foundation for your plants. There's no need for drainage aggregates like gravel at the pot's base - using a quality potting mix ensures excellent drainage and maximises available soil for your plant's needs. Avoid regular garden soil, which can lead to waterlogging and plant failure.

Step 4: Planting with Precision

Take great care when removing your chosen plant from its nursery pot. When planting, ensure that the potting mix soil sits at the same level as the nursery pot, keeping the plant's stem or crown uncovered. To settle the soil, water the pot soon after planting. You may need to top up the soil later, as it might settle after watering.

Step 5: Nourishment for Flourishing Foliage

The final step is providing your potted plants with the nutrients they crave. Dilute some of our premium organic-based Liquid Plant Food in water and apply it to the soil or potting mix. This elixir breathes life into any potting mix, resulting in stronger and healthier foliage. Alternatively, you can try our new Slow-Release Garden Booster for sustained nourishment.