What's Trending In The Plant World

What's Trending In The Plant World

What's Trending In The Plant World

If you love to fill your space with plants, you might be interested to find out what's trending right now. From plant activities through to popular varieties of plants, there are many ways that greenery is making waves this year.

Growing your own food
One popular plant trend is people growing their own food. Growing your own food can be exciting and rewarding. It can also be great for getting kids into gardening! Growing herbs, fruits, and veggies at home can be a fun adventure and mean less reliance on store-bought fresh foods.

Propagating is another plant trend that appears to be gaining traction in 2021. Images of plants sprouting roots in glass bottles can be found all over the internet, in local cafes, and homes. The propagation process is great for sharing plants with friends, as they can simply take a clipping of a plant, pop it in water, and wait for roots to sprout. This trend is also ideal for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty, or have an apartment where it’s difficult to find space for regular planting and repotting.

Popular Plants
So, which plants seem to be popular in 2021? Here are three that we’re liking!

Elephant Ear
The magnificent Elephant Ear plant is popular as both an indoor and outdoor addition. With large green leaves that look a little like the ears of an elephant, this eye-catching plant is sure to turn heads! This plant is pretty hardy once it becomes established, and there are a range of different varieties, including those with pink and red spots. Bring it inside as a feature plant for a room, or plant it in a pot next to the pool for a pop of poolside greenery.

Zanzibar Gem
Sometimes called a ZZ Plant, the Zanzibar Gem has shiny dark green leaves that look wonderful when contrasted against a white or grey pot. These plants tend to be pretty slow-growing, making them ideal for those looking for a chilled-out, low-maintenance option. In fact, Zanzibar are all-round pretty hardy and can tolerate neglect from those who forget to water them every now and again. ZZ Plants also often begin growing new rhizomes, which can easily be separated from the original plant and given to friends and relatives who wish to grow their own Zanzibar Gem.

Fishbone Cactus
According to Google search data research conducted by Flowercard, the Fishbone Cactus saw a whopping 2280.33 percent increase from the 2010-2015 period to the 2015-2020 period. This intriguing cactus has flat leaves that resemble a fishbone, and is truly a sight to behold. If you’re looking for an interesting desk plant or want a succulent a little outside the ordinary, take a look at the Fishbone Cactus. Bonus: this plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs!

Please note, both the Elephant Ear and Zanzibar Gem can be toxic to pets if ingested.

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