MIFGS | Budling Design

MIFGS | Budling Design

MIFGS | Budling Design

As the biggest flower and garden show in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. This year, The Balcony Garden was honoured to have our pots featured in two incredible displays by Tempest Landscapes and Budling Design. Let's take a walk through the Budling Design project now from start to finish.


Through the lens is a fully accessible garden that celebrates the heightened sensory perception many children and their carers experience each day living with Autism and sensory processing challenges. We have designed a garden to be immersed in, to learn, to re-set, and to develop a dialogue of opportunity for future inclusive spaces.

It is a garden for everyone that celebrates neurodiversity.

Using plant selection, floral display, poetry, topography and play, the garden will provide a series of spaces designed to reflect on the seven senses within a garden setting.

To provide education, a space of refuge, and a sensory celebration as people move through the garden is our intent.

Through the Lens imagines a world where the opportunities of designing spaces with heightened sensory awareness will be of benefit to everyone, and that we have so much to learn from those who experience life with such depth and magnitude.

Gardens are such an amazing vehicle to provide social cohesion and interaction; this is our hope for Through the Lens

– Matt York, Budling Design