Plant Profile: Dragon Tree

Plant Profile: Dragon Tree

Plant Profile: Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree is a popular indoor plant known for its long, slender green leaves edged with red. These plants are great for beginners because they’re easy to care for and drought tolerant. In fact, they’re so easy to grow that even indoor newbies will have success with them!

This plant was also used in NASA’s famous Clean Air Study and was shown to help remove formaldehyde from indoor air!

Overview & Care

Official Name:

Dracaena marginata

Also known as:

Dragon Tree, Madagascar Dragon Tree

Origins & climate:

Madagascar | Subtropical


Medium to bright, indirect light is ideal. However, they can tolerate low light, as well. Be careful not to overwater and don’t expect the plant to grow too much if in a low-light position.

Water thoroughly when soil is about 50% dry. Avoid overwatering. Watering should be less frequent during winter months or in less light.


Thrives in an airy, light, fast-draining potting mix—you can use a good quality potting mix labelled for succulents/cactus Ensure the pot has the appropriate drainage and remove any excess water sitting in a tray.


Browning leaf tips – too much fluoride or other salts in the water. Switch to distilled!

Browning, soft leaves – your plant is cold or overwatered.

Yellowing lower leaves – your plant probably needs more water.