Plant Profile – Cowboy Cactus (Euphorbia)

Plant Profile – Cowboy Cactus (Euphorbia)

Plant Profile – Cowboy Cactus (Euphorbia)

Howdy Partner! Looking for the next big character to add to your garden or indoor plant family?? The Euphorbia, or Cowboy Cactus, is the man for you! He is low maintenance and drought tolerant; ideal for those who are not known for their gardening skills!

Preferred living situation:

When planting outside, the Cowboy loves long warm days in full sun but will also be happy with a little shade. The cactus can still thrive inside but be sure to place in a nice sunny position! This spikey guy likes a mild climate making it perfect for Sydney and our southern neighbours.

Moving address:

This is not the guy you want to fight with! We suggest buying the Euphorbia Cowboy at the size you want to keep it at. Either keep it in your nursery tub or plant (very carefully while wearing protective gloves) just once in a pot you intend to keep for quite some time!

Keeping up appearances:

When potting up, use a good quality Cacti and Succulent potting mix and make sure your pot has drainage holes! Be sure to let the soil dry out before watering again, as soil that is too damp can lead to root rot in your cactus. Given the chance, the Cowboy Cactus can grow to 2m in height! There’s not much to it really!