Our Top 4 Tips for Styling Your Outdoor Oasis

Our Top 4 Tips for Styling Your Outdoor Oasis

Our Top 4 Tips for Styling Your Outdoor Oasis

Incorporating greenery into your balcony or terrace can make all the difference when creating a tranquil and inviting outdoor space. The benefits of adding plants to your outdoor living space are undeniable, from enhancing aesthetics to promoting well-being. Discover our top four tips to transform your outdoor space into a lush and relaxing oasis. 

White Loob pots
The Balcony Garden: Loob pots in White.

1. Choosing the Right Plants

Selecting the right plants is the cornerstone of creating a visually appealing and thriving green space. Opt for a combination of potted plants, hanging planters, and climbers to add dimension and depth to the area. Consider the microclimate of your outdoor space – factors such as sunlight exposure, wind patterns, and temperature fluctuations can influence the type of plants that will thrive. Incorporating a variety of textures and colours also ensures a well-balanced arrangement. 

Top Tip: Create a layered effect by mixing tall and short plants, positioning taller ones at the back and shorter ones at the front for an aesthetically pleasing display.

The Balcony Garden: Straight Up and Loob pots in Charcoal.
Ellis Stripe Throw

2. Experimenting with Garden Pots

Enhance the visual appeal of your space with the addition of stylish garden pots. Opt for various sizes and shapes to generate interest and showcase each plant uniquely. To achieve a cohesive look, think about a colour scheme for your pots that complements your outdoor furniture or the overall theme of your space.

Top Tip: Statement or style in threes: Consider having a statement pot in one corner and/or a cluster of three in another. The rule of three is a much-loved design technique used by stylists. The rule of three suggests that things grouped in threes (or odd numbers) are more natural, harmonious, and visually appealing.

3. Incorporating Functional Furniture

Transform your balcony or terrace into a functional extension of your living space by selecting weather-resistant materials for your furniture. Opt for a comfortable lounge, chairs, and a coffee table to strike a balance and encourage relaxation, allowing you to relish your outdoor oasis fully.

The Balcony Garden: Not Bad, Slim Pickins and Good Size in Mud.
CULTIVER: Linen Napkins in Natural and Ana Lumbar Cushion.

4. The Finishing Touch

Now that you've carefully chosen plants, experimented with stylish garden pots, and incorporated functional furniture, it's time for the finishing touch that adds personality and comfort to your outdoor sanctuary. Throws and pillows, crafted from beautiful fabrics in soothing tones, can transform your seating area into a cozy haven. Consider unique handmade ceramic pieces and elegant glassware for an added touch, perfect for outdoor entertaining.