Indoor Plant Trends for 2023

Indoor Plant Trends for 2023

Indoor Plant Trends for 2023

Indoor plants have been a growing trend in recent years, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also numerous benefits such as improved air quality and increased mindfulness. As we head into 2023, the world of indoor gardening is continuing to evolve with new and exciting trends emerging. From living walls to indoor trees, this year is set to bring fresh inspiration for both seasoned and new plant enthusiasts alike.

Keep reading to discover the top indoor plant trends for 2023 and how to incorporate them into your home.


Statement-Making Varieties

Plants make big statements and can lift the décor of interior space. A single, tall houseplant or a large leafy variety of plants can easily create this look. But for 2023 it's all about the statement-making variety of plants that create those wow moments. Plants of all sizes with eye-catching appearances, such as Bismarck palms, Birds of Paradise and Rubber trees, offer extra luxe thanks to their attention-seeking sculptural shapes and textures.

Indoor Trees

The good thing is, trees aren't just for forests. Trees add a unique presence to any interior, and in some cases, make a space seem opulent. While plants and living walls are definitely ones to love, indoor trees are a wonderful way to create a mini-forest vibe at home. This will be a big trend for 2023 as homeowners look to grow and expand the greenery indoors in grand ways. Ficus, Jade, Norfolk Island pines, Citrus trees and Palms are some common indoor trees that are ideal for many spaces.

Living Walls

Vertical gardens are not a new concept, however, in 2023 we are expected to see garden walls be elevated to a new level. Keep an eye out for impressive and creative ways of incorporating foliage displays within interior environments without taking up valuable floor space. Encapsulate a space with wall-to-ceiling living walls tousled with a variety of greenery or invoke a ‘piece of art’ moment by framing plants within a designated opening or inlet in your home or office.

Plant Variation

Indoor plants are a great way of adding a pop of colour or boosting the vibes in any room. Plus, indoor plants are also available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, so, there's a plant for every corner, space, and surface. An emerging décor and plant trend is creating a vignette of plants of different sizes and heights. Mix and match different textures and tones with a selection of smaller and bigger plants to create a warm, deep, and exciting space. Consider plants that flower, multiple foliage tones and interesting leaf shapes, such as Boston Fern, African Violets or Stromanthe Triostar mixed with your 2022 favourites of Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monstera plants.