How to Style with Different Garden Pot Shapes & Textures

How to Style with Different Garden Pot Shapes & Textures

How to Style with Different Garden Pot Shapes & Textures

Utilising stylish garden pots and beautiful lush plants in a space can transform it dramatically and make a huge visual impact. 


Here are some tips to help you create the ultimate lush space at home. 

Styling with odd numbers


Even numbers create symmetry, while odd numbers create interest. Creating interest should be at the core of any excellent pot cluster. A pot cluster of three forces the eye to look around and take in each pot and plant combination. Check out this blog on how to create the perfect three-pot cluster.



Styling with different shapes and textures

Mixing different shapes and textures might seem quite daunting, but if you use the above advice and have fun playing around, you’ll be surprised at how well various combinations can look. Try using similar shapes, as they will compliment each other. 

It’s essential to anchor the biggest pot first and add the complimentary pots from there. The Willow Range of pots is lightweight and makes it easy for you to move around until you find the perfect combination.



Styling in smaller spaces

 There is no need to feel pressure to style with odd numbers. Space may not permit, so styling an area with two pots, for example, can look just as good. As you can see, the sets of two pots perfectly frame the door and make a beautiful entrance for your guests!


Colour palette 

Using the same colour palette when styling your clusters is very effective. You may find that mixing colours can work when using similar shapes or in an area without compromising colours. For example, if you have polished concrete floors, you don't have to use a concrete grey pot colour.



Choosing your plants

Choosing plants with similar sun/light exposure tolerance is essential. This makes caring for them more manageable.

We suggest using a tall statement plant in the biggest pot. When considering plants for the other pots, select plants with matching or contrasting colours and foliage. Have fun with texture too. For example, mixing in different textured leaves or spiky plants.