Cactus Vision - Rare & Exotic Desert Plants

Cactus Vision - Rare & Exotic Desert Plants

Cactus Vision - Rare & Exotic Desert Plants

Cactus Vision is all about making the world a happier place, one prickle at a time!

Cactus Vision came to life at the hands of a cactus-collecting couple, Erin and Carl, who treasure desert plants. With years of experience in desert landscaping, it is their dream to share these exotic drought-tolerant plants with Australia.

One of Cactus Vision's significant focuses is educating about smart gardening with drought-resilient plants to preserve natural water supplies, making water more available in times of need and drought. 

​Cactus Vision offers many services, from courtyard and balcony landscaping to cactus hire. Their website has a plethora of information on cactus care too!

We have a chat with co-founder Erin about all things cacti! 

What is your favourite cactus, and why?

It feels a little cruel to pick a favourite child! All cacti have unique characteristics, so it's hard to pick a specific species to love most. Each cactus species has its environmental pros and cons too. But an all-rounder that is moderately frost and wind tolerant, hardy and adjusts well to indoor environments is the Monstrose species. These melting cacti are slow growers and form unique crests and folds. Perfect for garden beds, pots and planters, the Monstrose is favoured for its wide variety of colours and shapes. We can't get enough of their large white flowers. Despite the vast array of Monstrose cacti, all feature night-blooming flowers in warmer months. 

What cacti are trending right now?

The Cereus Spirialis is a "never seen before" trending favourite from our rare plants! They're breath-taking and become more impressive as they age. Customers love to buy this rare cactus for others who also love plants! 

Regarding our large-scale range, you can't go past the branching Euphorbia Ammak and Euphorbia Ingen, which can grow into tall trees if you allow them. 

When it comes to "bang for your buck", we sell out of our euphorbia cowboys and spineless Prickly Pears the most, as these buddies are thick and faster-growing mid-priced features. 

Best cacti styling tips? 

Make sure you take the time to centre your plants. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it makes ALL the difference. Another tip, plant your cacti a little higher than flush to your pot; this will allow for soil compression over time and ensure your plants don't sink too deep, making it harder for some barrel varieties to shape correctly as they age. 

What are your favourite TBG garden pot and cacti combo? 

When it comes to TBG pots, BIGGER is better! It's worth every penny to upscale. We're a massive fan of using the largest Muffin Top pot for solo features. And we find for balcony gardens, the Loob's and Choob's are great options for small spaces with pets. Using taller cylinder pots means no spiky cacti are knee (or tail) height. 

Cactus Vision

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