Garden Tour | Platylobium Landscape Design

Garden Tour | Platylobium Landscape Design

Garden Tour | Platylobium Landscape Design

Platylobium Landscape Design is a Melbourne design firm that specialises in contemporary, sustainable native landscapes. The company is the brainchild of Nadia Cole, a Landscape Designer with a horticulture and conservation ecology background. Their designs often incorporate garden pots in hardscaped areas that require softening and greenery.

This Blairgowrie project transformed a boring lawn area into a modern garden with a crisp blue pool, a large deck area, and textural foliage-focused planting. Bluestone steppers draw you across the lush green lawn to the pool area, which has become the hub of this beach house.

Clusters of pots were repeated across the garden and house, linking the existing home and the new garden. New pots from The Balcony Garden were blended with the clients’ pots using a white-only colour palette.

The beautiful planting includes a combination of native and exotic species, with gorgeous greens, greys and whites dominating. Hardy plants that handle hot, dry conditions, salty winds and intermittent watering were chosen to minimise maintenance at this family holiday home.

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