Exploring the Backyard Oasis of Higlett House

Exploring the Backyard Oasis of Higlett House

Exploring the Backyard Oasis of Higlett House

Introducing the picturesque backyard of Higlett House, a stunning '60s home reimagined by the talented Loni Parker, Editor of Adore Home Magazine. After capturing our attention with Higlett House's front façade renovation, Loni invites us to explore the rear exterior, which is reminiscent of a Palm Springs oasis.

Step into a world where cacti sit proudly, palms sway gently in the breeze, and beach umbrellas beckon you to unwind in style. A fire pit adds a touch of warmth and intimacy, while carefully selected furniture completes the scene.

Central to Loni's vision is the white pots, carefully chosen in the 'Muffin Top' and 'Straight Up' styles, seamlessly blending with the Palm Springs aesthetic. As Loni explains, "We are just so happy with how this space has grown and flourished over the past year." Despite the initial hesitation about prioritising backyard landscaping during the renovation process, Loni emphasises the wisdom of this decision. "In my opinion, the earlier you can landscape, the better. We plan to resell this year, and having mature gardens for open homes adds undeniable allure."

This backyard retreat is a testament to Loni's impeccable taste and design ability. To see the front façade and garden transformed, check out this blog.

For those intrigued by the journey of transforming Higlett House into a Palm Springs haven, you can explore more on Instagram.

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