Embracing Palm Springs Vibes: A Stunning Renovation at Higlett House

Embracing Palm Springs Vibes: A Stunning Renovation at Higlett House

Embracing Palm Springs Vibes: A Stunning Renovation at Higlett House

In the world of home renovations, where every detail counts, landscaping takes centre stage, breathing life and personality into a property. Loni Parker, the Editor of Adore Home Magazine, embarked on a remarkable journey to transform her 1960s home, Higlett House, into a Palm Springs-inspired masterpiece. At the heart of this renovation is a captivating garden adorned with unique features, where our statement garden pots played a pivotal role.

Built in 1960, Higlett House possessed a distinct charm with its long, lean structure, winged details, and clerestory windows—a true embodiment of mid-century modern architecture. Loni and her partner Mark honoured the home's roots by creating a Palm Springs-inspired oasis seamlessly blending with the 1960s aesthetic.

Loni firmly believes that landscaping is the soul of any renovation or new build. It should enhance the property's overall appeal and harmonise with its architectural style. With this principle in mind, Loni and Mark opted for a Palm Springs-inspired garden featuring a breeze block privacy wall and an assortment of cacti. Their commitment to hands-on involvement in landscaping, from plant selection to managing trades and painting, reflects their passion and dedication to Higlett House.

The front porch, a focal point of any home, underwent a significant makeover to align with the groovy vibes of the 60s. When Loni couldn't find the perfect tile, she took matters into her own hands, collaborating with Tile Cloud to design the 'Adore' tile in a striking shade of green that complements the front door perfectly.

Loni knew that to complete the Palm Springs vibe, she needed statement pots that would elevate the aesthetic of Higlett House. Enter our gorgeous Muffin Top pots, which seamlessly integrate with the overall design. The carefully curated planting style maintains the Palm Springs theme, featuring palms, cacti, and sansevieria, all thriving in these stunning pots.

Straight Up and Muffin Top pots are featured above.

A Glimpse into the Build: For those intrigued by the journey of transforming Higlett House into a Palm Springs haven, you can explore more on Instagram. Follow @higletthouse and @adoremagazine for an insider's look at the renovation process, design choices, and the breath-taking transformation of this mid-century gem.

Photography @coastpark.creative