Best Plants That Thrive in your Bathroom

Best Plants That Thrive in your Bathroom

Best Plants That Thrive in your Bathroom

Adding plants to a bathroom not only softens hard surfaces and lines but adds some life to what can be a somewhat sterile-looking environment.

Not all bathrooms have perfect bright light, and not all plants thrive in humid conditions.

Here are our top picks if you want to add a green, lush vibe to your bathroom.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Bathrooms provide the perfect growing environment for some orchids because they are typically warm and damp. The orchid can be the ideal option if you're after a stylish finish to your space. And a bonus is their gorgeous flowers will last months on end! 

ZZ Plant

Known to be one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, this hardy plant with glossy green leaves can tolerate low light, so it is a versatile option when hunting for a bathroom plant. 

Peace Lily

The lush green foliage of the Peace Lily creates the perfect backdrop for any bathroom. This plant is nearly impossible to kill and is excellent at purifying the air. 

Birds Nest Fern

The key to a healthy bird's nest fern is providing it with ample warmth, humidity, and moisture. They can adapt to low-light conditions as it's naturally used to growing beneath the canopy of other trees.  

Watermelon Peperomia 

This super cute petite, but bushy plant is a fan of warm temperatures. It's small and compact, so it is perfect for a smaller space or complementing another plant if space permits.