Plant Profile: Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant)

Plant Profile: Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant)

Plant Profile: Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant)

The Rubber Plant is an ideal indoor houseplant as it’s tough and easy going. The shiny, glossy dark green leaves look beautiful and make a great feature plant in an empty corner.

Rubber Plant can be enjoyed as either a medium-sized house plant or can grow to become a focal point, growing to impressive heights within a few years. Keep in mind though, the smaller the pot the more restricted their growth, so if you’re looking for a nice-sized house plant, don’t go too big with the pot!

Rubber Plant's size can be restricted to an extent with regular pruning. Make clean cuts right above a growth node and void pruning in the winter months.

There are also many health benefits to this plant. Air, including contaminants, is absorbed through the rubber plant’s leaves. The large leaves allow it to draw in large amounts of contaminants, making it efficient at cleaning the air.


Rubber Plants like bright light, but not direct sunlight


During Spring and Summer your plant should be watered once a week, so kept relatively moist. It’s also suggested you wipe the leaves with a damp cloth as well, or even misting them. Room temperature water is best. During the cooler months your plant may only need water once or twice a month. Droopy leaves indicate a need for more water whilst leaves that turn yellow and brown and drop, suggest you’re overwatering.

Soil & Care:

They don’t like sitting in lots of water so well-drained and aerated soil is best. Fertilise your plant during the growing season.