GlobeWest Share Insights and Trends in Interior Design

GlobeWest Share Insights and Trends in Interior Design

GlobeWest Share Insights and Trends in Interior Design

In the dynamic world of interior design, keeping up with trends while maintaining a timeless appeal is essential. GlobeWest, a prominent name in the industry, excels at delivering unique, visually appealing, and functional designs. 

As part of our collaboration with GlobeWest, we had the pleasure of interviewing their team to learn more about their design philosophy, upcoming trends, and practical tips for refreshing living spaces. 

What upcoming interior design trends do you foresee gaining popularity in the next few years?

We’re currently seeing warmer tones and textured silhouettes emerge in interiors, which will only grow in popularity and interest over the coming years. In the next few years, we expect to see a surge in warmer tones and textured elements within interior design. Embracing warmer timbers and textured fabrics like slub yarns to create cosy and inviting spaces. Pairing these with harder finishes such as marble or semi-gloss adds contrast and visual interest, offering a contemporary twist to traditional warmth.

How does GlobeWest find inspiration for its furniture and homeware designs? How does this influence their creation of unique and visually appealing pieces that resonate with Australian living?

GlobeWest finds inspiration from travel experiences, art, architecture, and fashion. Our Melbourne-based Design and Product team immerses in diverse influences to cultivate unique and visually appealing pieces that resonate with Australian living. We have amazing global sourcing capabilities, strong relationships with makers from every corner of the world that allows us to tap into century old techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Understanding lifestyle trends is what helps to stay ahead of the curve, while staying true to the brand’s ethos of beauty, distinctiveness, and timelessness.

With biophilic design on the rise, how does GlobeWest embrace the idea of bringing nature indoors?

GlobeWest embraces biophilic design by incorporating rich materials, including warm timbers and tones, and natural elements such as marble and travertine into our furniture and homeware designs. Drawing inspiration from nature, we design furniture that evokes a sense of comfort, harmony, and connection to the outdoors. This approach aligns with the growing desire for homes that provide a retreat from the fast-paced world, emphasising the importance of natural elements in enhancing well-being and comfort.

Can you explain how homeowners can apply the "rule of three" principle to create balanced and visually interesting home arrangements with furniture and accessories? 

To create balance and visual interest we suggest mixing and matching objects like books, ceramics, lamps, and vases to achieve asymmetrical balance. Keep it simple yet curated to avoid overcrowding and maintain visual harmony within the space.

What are some easy and effective tips from GlobeWest for refreshing living spaces without a major redesign, using furniture, accessories, and plant accents?

Refreshing living spaces without a major redesign is achievable with strategic furniture placement, homewares, accessorising, and plants. Consider modular sofas that can change and mould to a space in varying ways – instantly refreshing interiors. Utilise vertical space for storage solutions to maximise floor space. Incorporate mirrors to create the illusion of larger and brighter rooms. Select furniture with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring that each piece serves a purpose while contributing to the overall design aesthetic.

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