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Potting Mix

Premium Potting Mix 30L

Premium Potting Mix 30L


Simply the best premium potting mix available on the market.

Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix is the ideal blend for both a quick start and a long term sustained feed for all plants. Boosted with slow and controlled release fertiliser, it feeds your plants for over 8 months and has been a favourite with growers for generations with a tried and tested professional grade formula.

Bag Size: 30L

150 in stock

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Pot Feet

Pot Feet


We recommend using plastic window packers as feet underneath our pots.  Using pot feet keeps the pots elevated up off the ground so water can freely drain away.  We recommend using four feet per pot, except for Oblong pots which require six per pot.

Size: 10mm thick x 36mm wide x 75mm long

429 in stock

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Drainage Screen

Drainage Screen


These pieces of fibreglass fly-screen are placed directly over the drainage hole inside the pot and then covered with Premium Potting Mix.  The fly screen not only stops the soil from falling out the bottom, but also allows water to freely drain through the soil and out the base of the pot. We recommend purchasing one piece per pot, except for our Oblong pots which require two pieces.

Size: 480mm x 480mm

323 in stock